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Robert Hellestrae
305.613.8414 - Cellular
Miami, Florida - United States

C#, Node.js, API's & Xamarin for iOS, IoT, AR, Android & Windows 10;

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developer - web, mobile | C#, Node.js, AWS, Azure;
Organizations - SW&S, Microsoft Latin America, FPL FiberNet, Brinca Software, Fleet Advantage, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Spirit Airlines;
February 2010 to Present - Industry: Management Consulting
* Create consumer-facing app projects - leveraging Azure App Services to build back-end datastores with Create, Read, Update, Delete operations;
* Design resources in Azure for internal projects - SQL Servers, SQL Databases, App Services, Microservices and Storage Accounts;
* Create voice projects for Amazon Echo with Node.js & Lamda Functions;
* Work with SQLite, MvvmCross for Windows apps - includes database support for disconnected scenarios, and portable class libraries;
* Read SQL Server data from Windows app - via ASP.Net Web API's;
* Develop for iOS, IoT, Android & Windows - integrate web and social media, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin.Android, Bing Maps and Search, Microsoft Azure Media and App Services, web API's and services, NFC and Bluetooth, AR, integrate Mojio API's for connected car projects;
* Extend line of business functionality with Visual Studio Tools for Office;
* Practice MVVM design pattern for the WPF, Silverlight UX platforms;
* Utilize a tiered pattern for Silverlight projects with WCF RIA Services;
* Work with HTML5 in Expression Web, for design with CSS + JavaScript;
* Design + develop SQL Reporting Services projects with ASP.Net 4.0;
* Create ASP.Net Ajax, Silverlight web projects with Telerik RadControls;

developer - Silverlight | C#, Xaml, Oracle, SQL Server;
Organization - Hellmann Worldwide Logistics | Miami, Florida;
Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2010 - Industry: Logistics, Supply Chain
* Visualize data for web projects, and deploy SoftwareFX Chart controls;
* Design SQL Reporting Services web projects, .Net 3.5 principles;
* Create tiered, data-driven web projects with WCF RIA Services and
Telerik RadControls for interactive, line of business operations;
* Render user interfaces for Windows Presentation Foundation projects;
* Extend ASP.Net Ajax for efficient, interactive web applications;
* Write data entry web apps with LINQ to SQL for business operations;
* Design Web 2.0 applications with Telerik RadControls for ASP.Net Ajax;
* Write EDI Windows Services for electronic transmission of data files;

consultant - ASP.Net | C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net Ajax, SQL Server;
Organization - Brand Institute, Inc. | Miami, Florida;
May 2006 to Jan. 2008 - Industry: Branding, Pharma Research
* Build open survey website with ASP.Net Ajax, Google AdSense;
* Develop data centric intranet applications with .Net 2.0 principles;
* Configure, develop Windows SharePoint Services with versions 2, 3;
* Perform ad hoc coding with VB Script for web survey customization;
* Write a console app with HTML classes, interface with vendor website;

consultant - ASP.Net | C#, VB.Net, SQL Server;
Organization - Fraser Yachts | Fort Lauderdale, Florida;
Jan. 2006 to May 2006 - Industry: Yacht Management
* Maintain web applications, implement functionality and replicate data;
* Extend line of business projects with Visual Studio Tools for Office;
* Configure, develop Windows SharePoint Services with versions 2, 3;

consultant - ASP.Net | C#, VB.Net, SQL Server;
Organization - Brightstar Corporation | Miami, Florida;
Aug. 2005 to Jan. 2006 - Industry: Wireless Telecom, Logistics
* Build web content with Inline Hypertext Markup Language (iHTML);
* Design, build and maintain dynamic web applications with iHTML;
* Upgrade VB 6.0 work order process application from VS.Net 2003;

consultant - ASP.Net | C#, VB.Net, SQL Server;
Organization - CareerSource South Florida | Miami, Florida;
March 2005 to July 2005 - Industry: Non-Profit Management
* Develop web projects, and process professional data for new clients;
* Create intranet web apps, and display employee benefits information;

consultant - ASP.Net | C#, VB.Net, SQL Server;
Organization - HandsOn Network | Miami, Florida;
Aug. 2001 to Feb. 2005 - Industry: Non-Profit Management
* Collaborate and build a Miami, Florida technology access coalition;
* Timely, accurate completion of software development tasks;
* Create, manage AmeriCorps Partners in Technology projects;
* Work with non-profit agency ED’s, gather business requirements;

developer | VB 6.0, SQL Server, DB2 for iSeries;
Organization - Accenture | Miami, Florida;
Sept. 1997 to July 2001 - Industry: Management Consulting
* Develop web projects, extract data with VB 6.0 and Visual InterDev;
* Adjust legacy code from 2 digit year to 4 digit year, for Y2K prep;
* Resolve iSeries production issues with root cause analysis;
* Design, build business logic with three tier architectural design;


University of Miami, School of Computer Sciences - Miami, Florida
* Microsoft Certified Solution Developer .Net Program - Certificate;
DePaul University, School of Computer Sciences - Chicago, Illinois
* Information Technology Program - Certificate;
Northeastern Illinois Univ., School of Business - Chicago, Illinois
* Business Administration and Marketing - Bachelor's Degree;

Honors, Awards

IoT Mobile Hackathon, iPhone & iPod Touch - AT&T, Microsoft;
Connected Car App for Windows Phone - Mojio & Microsoft;
Best Consumer Apps for Windows - Florida Developers Group;
PayPal Battle Hack Miami, Windows Phone - Nokia, PayPal;
Think:Code:Meme Tech + Health, Windows - Univ. of Miami;
Applications for Good, Mobile Gaming - One Economy, AT&T;
Health and Life Sciences Apps, Windows Phone - Microsoft;
Phizzpop Web Design Challenge, Silverlight - Microsoft;