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Web, Cloud & Mobile                                          

software engineer - cloud, mobile;

welcome to professional website of robert hellestrae;

Azure + Xamarin for iOS, Android - projects include AI, AR, APIs;

contents of website: resources:
an abbreviated resume; Windows Dev Center
iOS, Android, Windows apps - MS Developer Network
built with Xamarin & Visual Studio; Microsoft News Center
Farm Markets
   for Amazon Fire Phone - voices of organic food;
NYC Insider
   for Amazon Fire Phone - a guide to NYC, reviews;
Baseball Studio
   for Android - powered by Twitter, ESPN Mobile;
Equity Check
   S&P 500 insights @ a glance - quotes, metrics;
NFC Social
   chat room, messaging with NFC and Bluetooth;
Green Shoots
   encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle - with tips;
Rider Chat
   instant chat for car shares - with 8 chat rooms;
Euro Adventure
   visit attractions of Europe - and keep a diary;
Local Pal
   a guide to local activities - save notes to cloud;

Code, Design, Technology

Create voice experiences for Amazon Echo with Node.js & Lamda Functions;

Work with SQLite, MvvmCross for Windows tablet business apps - includes database support for disconnected scenarios, and portable class libraries;

Work with SQL Server data for Windows apps - via ASP.Net Web API's;

Design + develop experiences for iOS, IoT, Android & Windows - integrate web and social media, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Bing Maps and Search, Microsoft Azure Media and Mobile Services, web API's and services, NFC and Bluetooth, AI, AR, integrate Mojio API's for connected car;